Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolution: January

Cod Liver Oil!!!

I hear everyone saying yummy as they read this but with all the recommendations about true fermented cod liver oil I've become convinced this is something I need to prioritize.  My latest doctor appointment also showed I was low on Vitamin D. 

January for me entails a lot of travel and has started out with a flu or some type of bug which limits resolutions around specific cooking, foods and/or the gym.    A few weeks ago I ordered the cod liver oil/butter oil capsule blend.  The capsules are pretty expensive compared to the liquid if you want to take a full dose, but I'm not ready for the liquid, so with the amount of money I spend on other things, I was willing to prioritize for January.

I've taken my  first two doses for January and while palatable I woke up with a fever and aches yesterday so can't make any decisions on how it is serving me.  However, this flu has convinced me it's time to make major health changes throughout the year so I can keep more of these bugs at bay.  As always I hope to be more successful with smaller incremental changes.  I took the tip from Kimi at Nourishing Gourmet to look at a resolution a month to give it a time bound increment. 

Further commitments I'd like to make: more stock (I love the benefits, just need to be more consistent), flossing, coconut oil, a salad each day, kefir smoothie/popsicle each day, meditation.  Any other ideas?

This is part of the New Years Resolution Carnival at Nourishing Gourmet